Monday, 4 May 2020

Join Maria  O'Farrell Carr and the 
Keepers of the Hill
on TUESDAY 5th May
  21:21pm  (Ireland Time) for the 
This is a LIVE on-line FREE Facebook event from the Hill of Uinseach.
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From the Sacred Hill of Uisneach to every home and hearth in the land, may the Bealtaine Fire
be the spark of a new coming together - of all our tribes.

We invite our friends to join me by lighting a candle or a fire and connect with the Light at Uisneach.
To connect with all our Tour guests and previous guests to come together as ONE.
To connect with all our friends who haven’t been to Ireland yet but can feel her energy.
To connect with the energy of the land and deities.
To come together as Oneness to welcome in a new energy of awakening, peace, love and oneness.

You may like to join us on Tuesday May 5th (21:21pm Ireland Time) and
watch the Live steam video from the Hill of Uisneach,
and by lighting your own fire or candle from wherever you live around the world.

It is tradition to please wait until after the Uisneach Fire is lit,
before lighting your candle or fire.

We are looking forward to visiting the Hill of Uisneach again on our upcoming Ireland Sacred Tours with Maria next year in 2021.